Piano Removals

If you are planning to be on the move and have a piano that’s going with you, then this section of our site should be music to your ears.

Over the years, we have built up a proud reputation around Barnsley for being a removals company that has expertise in the handling and safe transportation of pianos.

Whether it is a case of moving an instrument up or down a flight of stairs, or delivering it safely to the other side of the country, at Deadline Removals and Storage we’re in tune with your requirements.

From uprights to the grandest of grands – and regardless of age – we have a range of specialist moving equipment to keep your piano secure at all times.

We provide piano dollies, piano covers, padded leg bags and raising tools, to ensure that that the instrument doesn’t undergo any unnecessary tension during movement and transit.

Every precaution will be taken to ensure the piano is loaded carefully and that it is properly secured with straps and padding to avoid any surface damage.

And we’ll take the same painstaking care when the time comes to position the piano in your new home – so that your prized possession sounds just as good as it always did.

Should your piano need to go into storage for any period of time, then we have a dedicated indoor, temperature controlled storage facility in central Barnsley for such circumstances.

If we’ve struck the right chord with you, then we’d be  happy to personally discuss your particular requirements. Call us on 01226  399983.